Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Marvel Movie Heroes Revealed?

Not very likely, but let's dissect this. My email was blown up yesterday while I was baking in the Hollis, Queen's sun. 90% of the messages were about the new art "leaked" for Captain America and Thor's movie appearances. Sure, this outright looks like nifty fan art created with CG and the actor's faces, but it could also be a leak directly from Paramount to gauge what the fans think. So..since they MIGHT be going through all this trouble...what do you think? Here's my two cents...

- Cap's costume is a nice practical conversion of his classic look with Ultimate universe elements added. I can see this working on screen, but they have to do something with his mask. The blue dome isn't working. Maybe go the whole Ultimate route with the stitching up the sides and widen the A across his forehead, even though the A-head in and of itself was always silly. Not sure how else we can improve on that cranium.

- Thor's look is way too modern. We are talking about a Man-God straight from the heavens, correct? I'd like to see more medieval/ norse elements to his costume..less of a leather biker feel. Make his armor look more like armor, make his boots look less X-Men-y and, while I know they want to show his pretty face, he really should rock a war helmet. It's the difference between pretty boy and bad ass God of Thunder.

Thor drops May 6th, 2011
Captain America: The First Avenger is due for release July 22, 2011


  1. Remember... this is CONCEPT art.

  2. I said art. I even said it's probably fan art. It may not be from the company, therefore it's not concept art.