Saturday, June 19, 2010

NEW Rocky Horror Picture Show Action Figures Coming!

Its a little baffling that this has only been done once before, and even then, it wasn't the greatest of attempts. In fact, the original Rocky Horror action figures were so bad, I sold mine off years ago...and this is coming from a guy who must have seen Rocky over 100 times. Now, NECA drops a stealthy bombshell on us with pre-orders popping up across the interwebs for, what I hope will be, the first two figures in a series.

From Big Bad Toystore: Celebrate 35 years of the cult classic motion picture The Rocky Horror Picture Show with 2 highly detailed movie-accurate action figures! Tim Curry's Dr. Frank 'N Furter and Richard O'Brien's Riff Raff are sculpted at 7" tall and are fully poseable. Clamshell packaging.

This set will include the following figures:

1x Dr. Frank 'N Furter
1x Riff Raff

List price is 33.99 for the set, making each figure around 100 dollars. I suck at math, so you do it. Expect your local toy retailers to be doing the Time Warp again this October!

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