Friday, August 12, 2011

An Idiot Abroad VS Professor Filius Flitwick

Some time back we introduced you to Karl Pilkington, lead jester in Ricky Gervais' twisted universe AKA his normal, everyday life. Karl is the star of The Science Channel's "An Idiot Abroad", pitting a simple man with simple needs against a planet full of adventure, be it in ancient places, interesting people, once in a lifetime events or just a daring night with foods seemingly designed to destroy your bowels. If it is hot and uncomfortable, Ricky will send Karl there. Good times!

Now, having watched a bit of television...we know Ricky Gervais is funny...and we know when Ricky is in the same room as Karl the conversation will be epic (so much so that the setting is often just two chairs and the two people) now we'll throw Warwick Davis (the most famous little person on the planet from Harry Potter, Star Wars and my favorite, The Leprechaun) into the mix and let the magic happen.
WARNING: What you are about to watch is too amazing to be real and unscripted...but it is..and it's take a pee and set down all drinks before watching. You can thank me later.

Keep watching for details of Warwick's new show "Life's Too Short", coming to HBO in 2012, and a second season of "An Idiot Abroad" is filming with the masochist Pilkington for the Science Channel, also for 2012.

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