Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DC's New 52 : The Glowy Pink Tart Conspiracy

Who is so named as she was first spotted by the eagle eyed folks at Bleeding Cool, which is a Brit site, so we use their lingo. ..Besides, I like calling her a Pink Tart. It's like she's a breakfast cereal. At any rate, you are now asking what the frik I'm going on about. Here's the skinny.

Bleeding Cool reported that, after reading Flashpoint #5 (released today), they were introduced to a pink, glowy woman in a cloak who speaks to Barry Allen about splintered timelines and how he can help make them whole once more. Could the result of their works be the new 52 universe??!! It certainly looks that way. BC went on to point out that in their copy of Justice League #1 (also released today), that same pink tart pops up in the stands of a football game. As I read their article, I remembered the glowing pink person in the background of a crowd shot in Justice League International #1 which had me wondering when this mysterious apparition would pop up again (in the book I mean..most likely as some herald of impending doom if past reading has taught me anything.) Now we had three books with the pink tart hiding out like some radioactive puffy sticker or the female super hero version of Where's Waldo. I rushed over to my pile to scan for other sightings.

Batgirl - Check
OMAC - Check
Animal Man - Check
Action Comics - Check

That's 6 for 6. DUN dun DUN duuuuuuuuuun. I smell a con-spiracy. Keep watching Bleeding Cool and Idle Hands as we join forces across the pond to unravel the greatest mystery of our time!!!

UPDATE: I can now confirm that the "pink tart" is in Detective Comics, Hawk and Dove, Stormwatch, Men of War, Batwing and Swamp Thing. Some of her appearances put her very close to the heroes in the book, suggesting she can't be seen, somewhat like the Spectre? She certainly has the hood for it. Over at the Bleeding Cool forums, comic die hards have suggested she is a character called the Time Trapper, who absolutely has the pink robes and the power to appear in all of these places. It should also be noted that the nature of this entity's power dictates he/she can not alter events in the present time, which goes along with her "Watcher" shtick. It also might be worth mentioning that his/her appearance in Stormwatch was very near Martian Manhunter, who did not sense anything. The plot thickens!! I think it's safe to say you'll see the "pink tart" in all the 52 books. Happy Hunting!

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