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DC's New 52 : Batgirl Comic Preview

DC Comics is on a mission to save comic books. The powers that be, tired of underselling titles and the glaring fact that kids don't take to comics the way we did when we were young, gathered their top writers, artists and other creative types and set out to reboot their entire universe. Of course, change doesn't make everyone happy, and the legions of fans already reading DC Comics made their displeasure heard loud and clear. Current story lines now seemed pointless. "Are you reading Flash Point" I would ask friends. "Why bother? It will all be irrelevant in a month" came the bitter answer. The sentiment made sense, but I could also see the reason to shake things up. I personally hadn't bought a DC title since Nightwing ended and Green Arrow got a taste for killing, and while I love American Vampire, Vertigo isn't the same as the DC Universe (or at least it wasn't until John Constantine and Swamp Thing were brought into the central universe. Small note..DC, PLEASE DON'T CANCEL VERTIGO!!) Now, at a time when the 30 Deadpool titles are wearing thin and in general, Marvel takes forever to release a trade as they look for that extra 5 dollars they can get if you buy the hardcover premiere edition, DC has my undivided attention. BRING ME SOMETHING NEW!! This week, we'll give you a mini-taste of what's to come in the new 52. Let's get things started with...

BATGIRL : The Outline - Written by GAIL SIMONE, Art by ARDIAN SYAF and VICENTE CIFUENTES & Cover by ADAM HUGHES - Yes, it's really happening! Barbara Gordon is back as Batgirl – and she's going to have to face the city's most horrifying new villains as well as the dark secrets from her past. You won't want to miss this stunning debut issue from fan-favorite BIRDS OF PREY writer Gail Simone!

The Review - Batgirl #1 sees Barbara Gordon getting back on her feet...literally. The book acknowledges the events of a certain, now cult classic moment in comics' history when Barbara answered her door and found The Joker on the other side. With the flash of a gun, Barbara's life was seemingly changed forever as she resigned herself to life in a wheelchair. It has been a hard road to recovery but Babs is ready to kick some ass again. We follow her into the night where people do unspeakable things in the shadows. As Batgirl, Barbara has all the skills needed to take down thugs, slashers and even the occasional powered up baddie, but can her mind handle the battle once more? The appearance of a vigilante named The Mirror will put that to the test.

Batgirl is ACTION PACKED with no shortage of people in peril and the woman in black coming to the rescue with a boot to the cranium. You get to hear what is going on in Batgirl's head while she exudes nothing but strength and a bit of a mischievous evil streak. She definitely enjoys her work! If this were on TV, you'd be cheering for nearly the whole show. We also spend plenty of time with Barbara out of the cowl as she is all but starting her life over again. It is an interesting counterpoint, but while it is obvious she still has some demons to chase away, we never get the sense that Barbara is a fragile girl, or even damaged beyond repair. She's not out to prove herself, nor is she extra bloody in her fighting style as she doles out damage on foes she wishes were The Joker. It's refreshing to see that none of those old trappings weigh down this story. In the end, Batgirl comes face to face with The Mirror...and in one week, you'll get to see what happens next! Suffice to say, the battle doesn't go according to anyone's plan and blood is spilled. This comic is quick and dirty and I love it.

What Comes Next - Batgirl #2 - The nightmare-inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random, and an explosive confrontation between Batgirl and Mirror leads Babs to question wearing the cape and cowl at all!

Batgirl #3 - It’s the story you’ve been waiting for! As Barbara Gordon struggles to find her place in the world, Batgirl and Nightwing collide with the unstoppable force of a train wreck! Will it be sparks flying, or fists for this star-crossed duo? Also, the terrifying Mirror ups the ante in his bizarre war on the citizens of Gotham City!

Batgirl #1 hits comic shops and DC Digital Download September 7th, 2011

Batgirl #1 preview images courtesy of the New York Post

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