Monday, August 8, 2011

Power Girl VS Mr. Sparkle

This was my 10th year at San Diego Comic Con. I've seen many fantastic things. I've seen Browncoats screaming "Oh Captain my Captain" up at Nathan Fillion who was waving to them as if he was taking off on a sea cruise. I talked Scout into screaming her bloody head off in the back hallways to prove she had the chops to scare off Michael Myers. I got Harold and Kumar to confirm there were indeed Green Bitches in the last Star Trek film. I've talked monsters with Robert Rodriguez, the Devil with Deepak Chopra, being blue and nekkid with Dr Manhattan and how even stunning 3D won't make your chest look bigger with Natalie Portman. All of these wondrous things I have seen...all topped by my completely adorkable friend Tallest Silver who popped up randomly in the center of San Diego Comic Con, dressed as Power Girl, and showed me just ONE of her super powers.

SDCC 2011 : Power Girl Does Mr Sparkle by Nomadixxx

You're welcome, World.

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