Monday, September 16, 2013

Further Adventures of The Walking Dead in 2015

It's a universal constant. Wildly popular TV shows get spin-offs. All in the Family had The Jeffersons, Different Strokes had The Facts of Life, and The Facts of Life had George Clooney. Now, AMC looks to stretch that zombie dolla dolla bill and prolong the undead shelf life if it's most popular TV franchise (ducks from Breaking Bad fans) with a new show set in that same, rotting universe.

We’re super excited to announce that AMC is in development of a companion series to The Walking Dead, slated to premiere in 2015. Robert Kirkman, Gale Ann Hurd, and David Alpert will return as executive producers.

“After 10 years of writing the comic book series and being so close to the debut of our fourth, and in my opinion, best season of the TV series, I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting the chance to create a new corner of The Walking Dead universe,” Robert Kirkman said of the spin-off. “The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.”

I, personally, would watch a situation comedy about the misadventures of Bicycle Girl, Little Zombie Girl and Purple Shirt Roamer...trying to make a living in the harsh, undead city. Instant gold.

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