Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Jazwares Still Game Crazy with Minecraft, Plants vs Zombies and Sonic

Another special request has us diving into the breakaway hit of 2013; MINECRAFT! Jazwares surprised everyone with their blocky action figure line, 8bit adorable plush and innovative papercraft, which seemed like the perfect way to translate the angular video game world to collectibles.

Though the property shows no signs of slowing down, Jazwares still seem to be taking a fairly conservative approach to product release, announcing just enough new product to leave that fanbase wanting more. On tap are...

Series 2 action figures this Fall. No photos on these items, but we can report the lineup includes the Iron Golem, Blacksmith Villager, Diamond Armor Steve and an animal 6 pack.

Plush will get a refresh along with new additions of the Squid, Baby Sheep, Baby Ocelot and Bat.

I asked about new papercraft sets but there was nothing new to report. Jazwares say the items were a strong performer and kids embraced the medium, so perhaps we'll see more kits later in the year.

Onto Plants vs Zombies! The game series is still a strong performer with an astounding number of downloads to date, including the first and second installments, and now Garden Warfare. We couldn't shoot much in that small section, so here's a refresher on some items from series 1 and some purple carded items I was not familiar with...basically everything we COULD shoot!

Last up, we've got Sonic the Hedgehog...one of the longest running lines at Jazwares. Our rep couldn't tell us what might be new, releasing right now or already out, so we shot everything on that wall. Enjoy!

There's plenty more to show you from New York Toy Fair, so keep checking back for more!
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  1. Jazware keep making toys that are NOT awesome ENOUGH. I'm waiting for Metal Sonic from Sonic 2!!!