Friday, January 16, 2015

Batman VS Robin Animated Movie Preview

SPRING 2015! Prepare yourself for another heaping helping of the character all of comic fandom loves to hate! It's Damian Wayne! This kid needs a really awful, catchy theme song. The oncoming release of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis has the expected preview of their next feature, simply titled Batman Vs Robin. Apparently our screams of anguish when they released Son of Batman were not sufficient.

The preview spends 90% of its screen time telling us about the relationship between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Robin (Damian Wayne). Damian, having been raised among the League of Shadows, would like to cut off the heads of his targets and Batman..well..he'd like for that to not happen. Along the way, the Court of Owls; a sinister group of Gotham's elite who have been shaping every facet of the city's evolution; get wind of Damian's existence and invite him to join their freaky club. Wackiness ensues. There's a lot more bits the creators of this film get into, but we don't want to give away everything!


Batman vs Robin stars Jason O'Mara as Batman, David McCallum as Alfred, Stuart Allan as Damian, Jeremy Sisto as Talon, Robin Atkin Downes as Grandmaster Owl and....Weird Al Yankovic as The Doll Maker! ...I'd say that last bit of voice casting is worth the price of a DVD alone!

Justice league: Throne of Atlantis hits on DVD and Blu-ray January 27, 2015! CLICK HERE to get yours squared away!

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