Sunday, January 25, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: Funrise Madballs, My Little Pony & More

Back into the UK Toy Fair 2015 coverage with of those companies who are always accommodating, but you never now what you are going to see within their booth space! This Year's lineup included a small army of My Little Pony plush characters, Moja Monsters, Gazillion Bubbles, and the inevitable, inescapable return of ...Madballs! You'll notice Funrise seems to have gone for a printed design and not the traditional sculpted Madballs we are used to from the start of this property. I'm sure their thinking was that it didn't work out for the relaunch some years back, why would it work now? For collectors like me, all the appeal is in those sculpted faces on the balls! We'll see how it works out this time, but I'm fully prepared for a world of geeks screaming for the more traditional feel. Let's check out the goods...

My Little Pony



Moja Monsters

Gazillion Bubbles

Entertainment Earth

We've only just begun!! Keep watching Idle Hands for your up to the minute Toy Fair fix!

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