Saturday, January 24, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: More Jurassic World Toy Details

Not to beat this one  topic into the ground, but we are working round the clock (on this and other jobs), getting all the pics from UK Toy Fair 2015 edited and..well..this one is a quicky! We've got some new details on the toy lineups for Jurassic World and since those fans are the loudest, and the re-tweetiest...and ask very nicely, we are happy to dive in and get whatever we can. As is the way of our people, I will now shout SPOILER WARNING as there's a certain dino described with a very interesting talent...

The first grouping is an assortment of figures where either the jaws or tail are movable. Not sure whether they are referring to jaw biting or tail swishing action or just posability, but we gather some of these have arm and/or leg joints as well.
The second grouping to the right have moveable arms, legs and tails.

The "Growlers" have moveable jaws and tails, make noises, and light up. This series includes a Raptor and Dimorphodon.

A listing for a (50cm) giant electronic figure of a dinosaur is most likely referring to the hybrid monster they cooked up for this movie specifically. It makes noises and changes colors! 2 batteries required.

The "Brawlasaur" figures feature wind up tails and they 'fight' by spinning and flipping. They also have codes on them so that u can upload them into some digital game. These will come in single and 2 packs. There will also be an arena for the Brawlasaurs that is collapsible and transportable, and includes 2 Brawlasaur figures.

The last one is a dinosaur claw, meant for lil kid roleplay like the Hulk fists and such, only you only get ONE dino claw in a package, because it is so much fun. the pack couldn't contain two of them. (sarcasm) It's made of soft material for playful mauling.

Super fans note much of this synchs up with previous word-only listings...

JP BAD BOY Feature Dino #231792- $29.99
JURASSIC T REX, #607463 $29.99
Jurassic Hero Mash Bad Boy, #596164, $29.99
JURASSIC DLX VEHICLE, #608494, $21.99
JP CAPTURE VEHICLE #231595- $19.99
JP HERO MASHERS TREX #596269- $19.99
JP CHOMPING Dino Head #231660- $19.99
JURASSIC WORLD GAME, #496734, $19.99
JP HERO MASH HYBRID DINO #596143- $14.99
JP BRAWLASAUR VERSUS 2 PK #231447- $9.99
JP HERO MASH DINO #596170- $9.99
JP 1 PACK BRAWLASAUR #231616- $5.99

We've only just begun!! Keep watching Idle Hands for your up to the minute Toy Fair fix!

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation!

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