Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Build The WWE Wrestler Of Tomorrow

The newest trend in kid-centric action figures is the build-a-figure model. Don't get this confused with the scheme to get collectors to buy a whole wave of action figures by putting bits of a slightly bigger (or sometimes tiny) figure in each package, allowing you to assemble your bonus character 1 foot at a time. These are figures with less articulation and paint applications, often implementing a chunkier feel, with body parts you can pull off and swap with another character's appendages. So far Hasbro has released Transformers, Star Wars and Marvel Comics characters with plans to add Jurassic World Dinosaurs to the mix, while Playmates has adopted the format for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now Mattel jumps in, allowing kids of all sizes to build the ultimate WWE Superstar with action figures that can battle right alongside their pre-existing collections!

WWE® Create a Superstar (CGL78)
ARP: $19.99 | Age: 6+ years | Available: June 2015
• Create an Original WWE Superstar! Now it’s easy for kids to build the Superstar they’ve always dreamed of seeing in the ring! Switch around body parts and mix-and-match battle gear to build a completely unique WWE Superstar. Get your Superstar ring ready with a variety of battle gear including masks, capes, weapons, armor or removable tattoo decals, and much more! Show off your customized creation or challenge your favorite WWE Superstar to the ultimate showdown against a rival he’s never faced before. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

Want some more options for zazzing up a boring ole 7 foot wrestler who enters a ring with fire erupting from the four corners? We've got the answer...

WWE® Customize a Superstar (CMD81)
ARP: $14.99 | Age: 6+ years | Available: June 2015
• Customize Your Favorite WWE Superstar! Get your favorite WWE Superstar ready for the ring! We’ve given kids the power to take one of their favorite WWE Superstars and fully customize his or her look.
• Mix-and-match body parts or choose from an assortment of battle gear for original kid-designed style.
• The included ring attire, battle accessories and removable tattoo decals are all compatible with other 6-inch Superstar figures
• Each sold separately, subject to availability

And the customization doesn't stop there! Make the very ring as badass as it possibly can be!

WWE® Create a Ring (CMB52)
ARP: $39.99 | Age: 6+ years | Available: June 2015
• Build the WWE ring you’ve always imagined!
• Mix-and-match more than 30 parts—turnbuckles, ropes, mats, and more—to create a never-before-seen ring

We are sure this line will be of high interest to those figure customizing junkies who are constantly looking for new parts, body types and gear to lend to the creation of their favorite comic book heroes, so we'll be sure to stay on top of new releases as the news drops.

View the complete gallery for Mattel's customizable WWE action figures RIGHT HERE!
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