Friday, April 3, 2015

Toy Spotting 4/15: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Mashers, Age of Ultron & More

It is time once again to take a run through Central New Jersey and see what's on the pegs for hopeful toy hunters! As Central New Jersey is often DEAD LAST to get anything, boasting the smallest Walmart (Old Bridge) and the smallest Toys R Us (Hazlet) in the state, you are preeeetty sure to find everything we have at retail, right now. LET'S GET HUNTING!!

We begin with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! How is this line doing at retail after the holidays, you ask? My Toys R Us has dedicated almost one full side of an isle just for our green battling you go. The line shows no signs of slowing down with an excellent lineup of new characters due to hit the pegs this year with friends and foes alike to add to your collections. We've not found these new characters in stores yet, but the new packaging is ever present and on the back...a taste of things to come with teasers of Mikey Turflytle, Napoleon Bonafrog, Monkey Brains, Dark Beaver, Atilla the Frog and Muckman.

 Click HERE for a closer look at all Playmates has planned, as seen at Toy Fair 2015. Be warned, plenty of spoilers among these figures!

Dreamworks' alien invasion animated feature film "Home" is in theaters now, and so one might expect to find an array of toys on shelves at retail right now. Though the selection is a bit slim, there are, indeed, figures and a small selection of plush we've spotted at Toys R Us. 18 different figures allow the collector to express their current mood, reflected in the wacky faces of each little alien, with most characters getting at least two different facial expressions (each sold separately). The Deluxe 10 inch plush Captain Smek speaks 5 Steve Martiny-y phrases from the movie. We'll note there seems to be 6 and 10 inch versions of both Smek and Oh (the lead character), a 6 inch Pig the cat, and an 11 inch talking "Tip" doll.

Alongside a mini army of newly released Marvel Legends 6 inch action figures is a line that grows in popularity every day. Marvel Mashers! These build-your-own-hero figures have ignited at retail, spurring Playmates to follow suit with a TMNT version of this model. The newest additions to the Mashers line include Falcon (in his awesome, old school costume), Juggernaut, Whiplash, Pyro, GROOT and an Ultimate Avengers pack with all the heads you need to make the freakiest Marvel mutant your shelves have ever seen.

Speaking of Marvel, the exclusives for Avengers: Age of Ultron have begun popping up on Ebay. An odd 5 pack featuring repacks of previous 6 inch figures makes up a European exclusive while Toys R Us in the states will carry at least 2 two figure packs with Captain America and Black Widow in one and Iron Man and Nick Fury in another. While the Iron Man/Fury pack boasts the mother of all hand cannon's for Fury, making that set fairly badass, the Cap/Widow set includes a Captain America Winter Soldier repacked Stealth Cap...which makes us sad. YOU'RE KILLIN US HASBRO!! Also spotted was the new Titans scale multi pack with Quick Silver, who will now enjoy a movie star status and thus, be immortalized in plastics from this day forth.

Other finds include...



New Disney Infinity Falcon and Loki (and we are throwing in pics of the Ronan and Yondu figures to emphasize that SOMEONE thought the movie was big enough to warrant figures for them. Just sayin.)

New Marvel 3.75 inch Infinite Series Figures (note that these figures are now $14.99 in some locations while the accessory packed G.I.Joe figures are below $10 at the same scale. This price hike has to stop.)

 New Star Wars Multi-Packs (in the prettiest of boxes, but falling flat with collectors who already have all of these figures. Say it with me Hasbro....ARMY BUILDER PACKS.)

And for the 6 inch figure collectors with an eye for what can be used for diorama displays and general fun with photography, here's a sampling of JAKKS MiWorld and another line called Happy Together.

 And last but not least, a selection of Easter geekery that will soon be on clearance for those that have a mighty need...

Jump into the comments below and let us know what awesome new toys are turning up in your neck of the woods! For up to the minute updates on what we are finding in the wild, be sure to browse the Toy Spotting slideshow at the top of the page.

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