Friday, April 3, 2015

Mattel Calls On Fans to Build a Better Batman

Mattel may have backed away from the 6 inch collector driven action figure lines, but their 3.75 inch Multiverse line is still going strong, packed with memorable movie stars, video game villains and classic heroes die hard fans can't wait to add to their collections. Where else can you find Terence Stamp Zod and Christopher Reeve Superman on the same peg as a video game inspired Joker and the newest baddie on the digital landscape; the Arkham Knight? Now Mattel wants to charge into 2015 with the knowledge of 1 million geeks, and armed with this intel, will make the line better than ever. Click HERE to fill out a quick survey and guide Mattel toward creating action figures you'd buy in an instant!

Want to see what's already in the pipe for Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse Line? Check out these pictures from Toy Fair this past February!

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