Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Martial Arts-Focused Media Company, OOSS Media, Launches With “This Is The Time I Fought Jackie Chan” Video

Martial Arts-Focused Media Company OOSS Media
Ben Conrad (co-founder, Donut Media, the fastest growing automotive channel in the U.S.), Gilbert Galon (producer, TigerBelly, the top Asian podcast) and Jeremy Marinas (director, John Wick: Chapter 4 action designer and 87Eleven Action Design member) today announced the official launch of a new martial arts-focused media company, OOSS Media. Dedicated to the next generation of martial arts fans, OOSS Media seeks to entertain, educate and illuminate audiences on a wide range of martial arts topics at the intersection of movies, pop culture, combat sports, health & wellness and internet culture. The company kicked off with an exclusive interview with key players from John Wick: Chapter 4, and fight coordinator Marinas, along with actors Scott Adkins (the Undisputed franchise) and Marko Zaror (Undisputed III: Redemption), discussing all of the behind-the-scenes action. 

“I have a history of building brands through, and around, specific content that caters to niche audiences,” said Ben Conrad, co-founder, OOSS Media. “So, I am honored to be working alongside Gilbert and Jeremy - as well as an entire team that consists of creatives who are behind some of the highest level of martial arts cinema, as well as true pioneers in digital media - who we are confident will help propel OOSS Media into the martial arts zeitgeist.”

Known for directing the viral, smash hit series, “Gymkhana” (Gymkhana 4-8), Conrad has also been the creative director for multiple iconic campaigns for Apple, in addition to award-winning title sequences for films such as Zombieland and Venom.

With a unique team made up of filmmakers, action designers and martial artists, OOSS Media’s goal is to share its passion and years of experience with a wide audience by publishing weekly videos - with a variety of hosts - across all social media platforms. The video series will be focused on delivering martial arts knowledge in a unique and engaging way while inspiring audiences to see it for its core values of respect, humility and discipline - while entertaining and having fun.

“Our mission is to create content that appeals to both a wider audience and core fans of martial arts,” said Gilbert Galon, co-founder and editor in chief, OOSS Media. “We aim to make content that the martial arts curious can understand and feel welcome, and hopefully we can be the spark that lights up an interest in the genre.”

Galon is also a host for the HBO Max series “Family Style”, from Justin Lin’s YOMYOMF and Stage 13. Prior to joining the series, he was a cast member and writer for the “CBS Diversity Comedy Showcase”. He has also performed with LA's top Asian talent in the “Asian AF'' and “FilipinoAF” shows at UCB Theatre, and continues his role as sidekick and producer on Bobby Lee's (“MADtv, Borderlands”) TigerBelly podcast.

Jeremy Marinas, CCO and Director, OOSS Media, added, “We are, first and foremost, fans of martial arts. We are obsessed with everything about it from its representation in pop culture, especially in film and television, to its representation in combat sports entertainment, video games and internet culture.”

Marinas, director and action designer with more than 50 films under his belt, including; the John Wick films, Venom, The Fate of the Furious, and Captain America: Civil War,  is also known within the industry as a pioneer in Tricking - a form of martial arts that links together acrobatic combinations - and for his work with 87Eleven Action Design, which has become the gold standard in martial arts entertainment.

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