Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Mike Grell's "SHAMAN’S TEARS" Roleplaying Card Game In Development

Mike Grell's Shaman's Tears
The Mike Grell Universe is coming back in a big way: on the heels of the announcement of a scripted audio fiction podcast adapting and continuing the original 1990’s Image Comics series, creator Grell and Pocket Universe Productions (PUP) will partner with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment to develop and produce a Shaman’s Tears RPG Card Game. The game and fiction podcast will be funded simultaneously through a forthcoming pair of crowdfunding campaigns in late summer and fall, with both product and production to be released in the first half of 2024.

Shaman’s Tears dealt with issues of identity, heritage and the environment. Joshua Brand, the son of a Lakota father and an Irish mother, returns to the reservation he ran from as a young man, only to discover that he has been chosen to bear the mantle of protector of the Earth itself when he inherits the powers of all animals as the spiritual avenger Stalking Wolf. Soon after Brand finds himself at odds with a rogue scientific organization usurping nature with human/animal hybrids known as The Blood, their experiments hitting closer to home in ways he never imagined.

The RPG card game inspired by the series allows players to take on the roles of either the heroes or villains from the original Shaman’s Tears run with each character having unique characteristics that can help or hinder them in a game where survival is paramount. As animals and the environment are key elements in the series, players can use the abilities of animal totems and ecological crises as both protection and the means to attack.

An “early bird” campaign - managed by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment with Mike Grell and PUP working in tandem at the heart of it - will allow gamers and Grell fans alike to pre-order not just the game, but also a special surprise booster pack, limited edition playmats and acrylic stands. Both campaigns will feature perks applicable to both the game and the audio drama, including digital downloads and CD’s of the complete first season, a Kickstarter-only game box, a retail tier for game stores, script books, prints drawn by Mike, and even an extremely limited edition Shaman’s Tears leather jacket for the most generous supporters. Sign up at for updates!

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