Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 Second Reviews: Christmas Carol & The Box

,A Christmas Carol:: We start out with a beautiful recreation of the classic tale you'll be ecstatic to introduce your children to. In walks the first spirit with a jump scare more effective than most horror movies, followed by a downward spiral once we hit the present who goes full on spooky, disturbs your children and forces them into counseling. WHO ARE THEY MAKING THESE MOVIES FOR?! A very well made movie (with a silly Hollywood chase ending) but too scary for little ones for sure.

The Box:: A silently creeping film about a seemingly well off family who selfishly chose another human's demise to line their pockets. Little do they know that the alien Frank Langella is testing them and their failure spells our doom!! In the Box 2, Langella teams up with Keanu to destroy the planet. Hey, it's just as ridiculous as this movie already is. The creepy doesn't work, the family has no chemistry and the 70's were ugly and thus, so is this movie. SKIP!

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