Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just when I thought I couldn't get any geekier, a little site called ThinkGeek is dangled in front of me with all manor of items I don't need but bought anyway..like my Personal Soundtrack T Shirt. While it is impressive enough to be able to enter a room with the Flash Gordon theme song by Queen blaring from your chest, there was one item on this site I know I had to have, regardless of price. Hell, I can eat next week...we are talking about a TAUNTAUN SLEEPING BAG HERE!!!

Yes, I hear you squealing with glee.

Well today, a giant box arrives and with a tear streaming down my face, I gently sliced it open and revealed the beauty within. My original worry was that this item was going to be made little kid sized, but I'd resigned myself to walking around with it draped over one shoulder like the Hoth version of Kraven the Hunter (from Spider-Man..look it up non-dorks). THIS THING IS HUUUUUGE!! The bag section alone comes in at just under 6 feet; a giant, super soft plush head grinning at me at the top, ready to sing me to sleep in odd, chicken/ lama like tones. This has got to be the ultimate Star Wars gift for this holiday season. Seriously. Try and top this, Hasbro. My Turbo Tank is staring at it from across the room with nothing but envy in it's eyes. I still love you, Turbo Tank..but you can't come to bed with me. The TaunTaun sleeping bag can. Wow that sounds way worse now that I wrote it out.

Things to notice:
Super soft body
Plush head, arm, leg and tail
Little plush lightsaber on the zipper to simulate slicing your happy friend open
Intestine inner lining
No bad smell (it was a myth!!!)
Warm and cozy inside.

I feel I now need to have a Star Wars themed slumber party. No Wookies allowed.

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