Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Beginning

Halloween is over; AKA crazy time for Dread Central. With a Boston screening of Paranormal Activity, Rock and Shock in Worcester, several screenings and 2 parties (the third is this weekend!) I'm slowly getting back into a groove after a little rest. Yea, boo hoo...poor me all that fun, right?

Now that I'm clear of the the madness, I thought it was time for this Blog thang to happen. I always appreciated people telling me they care enough about my life that they want to hear MORE of my ridiculous stories, so I'm giving in for YOUUUU. Hope I entertain. This blog will be filled with horror events, movie bits and reviews, geeky toy ramblings and what ever else gets my attention. My main goal (tho subversively most of the time) will be to make a sampling of whatever you are drinking shoot out your nose,'ve been warned. I'll do my best not to get too emo on you. If I do, I fully expect you to give me a virtual slap in the head. Your journey will be weird, no doubt, so keep an open mind and we'll have some fun.

On with the show...

Random thoughts:

-Would YOU go see a movie because Larry King said it rocked? Didn't think so. Find a better quoter 4th kind. Larry isn't your demographic

-Adult Swim, in an endless quest to be the cool kid, has taken shows we already love and put them into a late night "stoner block." I don't smoke up, and I don't wave a finger at those that do, but this is like saying "you have to be a mentally impaired individual to enjoy what we are about to show you." Good job!

-Superbeasto is still a very, very,very bad movie.

-The new V series kicked ass. Seriously. Watch this as soon as possible.


Scored the new Marvel Universe giant packs this week!! Why am I happy about a line that insults the Marvel Legends collectors with undersized, out of scale, poorly painted and sculpted figures in place of the brilliance we expect? GIANT FIGURES! Normally, a Build a Figure would run us 60 dollars or more as we are forced to hunt down the 6 to 7 pieces found in each figure in a line. Lots of heartache. This is a 25 dollar pack with one giant and one Marvel Universe shortie. Screw the little guy and happily add the big guy to your armies. Note the legs on my new Super Skrull (from the 2 pack w/ the thing arm) are already bowing at the flimsy knees. Fine work, Hasbro. Bug me enough and I'll dedicate one whole blog to pics of this guy and Giant Man as well. Well worth the 25 spot for those of us still hurting from lack of Legends and not able to even complete the Nemesis wave because dirty scalper scum in his area buy them ALL. I will have my revenge.