Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Last Halloween Party: Weapons prep

Last Halloween Party of the season at Jess's place tonight! Decided to whip out the "overkill" edition of Deadpool! For this, we needed a few more weapons...

1. Proof of kill: Parker's head
2. Swords!
3. The Shredder
4. Chainsaw..cuz u never know
5. ammo pouches filled with goodies
6. side arm
7. Apple Grenade (vintage Schwarzenegger!)
8. light
9. Rifles!
10. Blade's dagger
11. hand gun

The Frankenstein light goes "muahahahaha" when you turn it on, the pineapple grenades in the pouches go boom and the duck goes quack quack quack. Party time.


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