Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Times are crappy and often, we fail to see the positive in our lives. Someone wiser than I once told me that if you can find something to be thankful of in any situation, there is nothing you can't survive. From then on, I tried to put things in perspective whenever anything bad happened to me.

Today, I wanted to give thanks for some great things that have happened in my life. Some of it will sound like bragging, but fuck it. Writing them down so I see them in front of me puts it all in perspective and helps me to fight another day. Take it as you will.

Moments I'm thankful for (in no particular order)

I got to show Simon Pegg his Shaun of the Dead action figure for the first time
I dreamed of my nephew before he was born
I lived with a beautiful woman for 3 months
I got to tell Deepak Chopra how much he changed my mother's life
I woke up one morning with the sun on my face, a light breeze coming through the window and the rock station I fell asleep to turned into something out of Wild at Heart.
Every Friday the 13th with my mom, but especially Trilogy of Terror
Snow forts in Brooklyn
My first GI Joe Army
John Dewey High School
Listening to stories from the Monster Squad crew from different perspectives
The month spent making The Devil's Tomb
The short time I lived alone with my father
The Ren Faire in NY with Eric
My first set visit (Repo)
My first red carpet (Devil's Rejects)
Whenever I meet Stan Lee, who makes me laugh every time
Galaxy of Terror stories from Sid Haig
BBQs at Ted and Bev's
Laughing til it hurts with my mom and Lori
Movie nights with Pete
My first warped tour
Most years at San Diego Comic Con
Christmases at the boat club
Brighton beach on any clear night
5 dollar Fugazi concerts
Asking Zack Snyder if anyone ever really got it on in the Owl Ship

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