Monday, February 8, 2010

The Licenses of Toy Fair 2010

With US Toy Fair 2010 starting this weekend, we thought we'd take a look at who has what licenses so we know what we MIGHT see at the big show. We'll even try and throw in what we know they are making if we can. This is NOT a complete list...just what our sneaky ninjas dug up. Take a look...

Bandai - Ben 10, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Kamen Rider

Bif Bang Pow - (showing with EMCE toys) Venture Brothers, Lost, Flash Gordon, Big Lebowski, Twilight Zone, Dexter

DC Unlimited - Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age

Diamond Select - Halo, Universal Monsters, Ghostbusters Minimates continue (Ecto1 on the way, perhaps?), DC Comics, Marvel Comics

Funko - Clash of the Titans, G.I.Joe, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Freddy Krueger, Sonic the Hedgehog, Alice in Wonderland, Marvel Comics (and Iron Man 2), Star Wars Monsters

Gentle Giant - (unclear if they are coming to the show) Avatar Mini Busts

GetRetro - Merlin BBC series 3.75 inch action figures and Dragon, creatures and playsets

Hasbro - Marvel Comics, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Transformers

JAKKS - UFC, Spongebob Squarepants, TNA Wrestling, Aardman (Timmy Time and Shaun the Sheep), Monsuno, Through Disguise - Clive Barker's Dark Bizaar

Jazwares - A-Team action figures, vehicles and electronics; Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Kotobukiya - Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars

LEGO - Toy Story 3, Prince of Persia, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ben 10, Harry Potter

Mattel - More Avatar figures, Toy Story 3, Cars, Monster High, Secret Saturdays, DC Comics (with new Retro action figures), Batman: Brave and the Bold, Alice in Wonderland (Barbie)

McFarlane - (unclear if they are coming to the show) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time movie, Halo: Reach

MEGA Bloks - Marvel Comics, Halo Wars, Dragons Universe, Iron Man 2

Mezco - The Wolfman, Kick-Ass, Green Hornet, Clash of the Titans, Nightmare on Elm Street 2010, The Watchmen (Most of these are Mezitz Vinyl Figures and Living Dead Dolls options)

NECA - Predators, Predator 1 and 2 action figures, Nightmare on Elm Street 2010, Twilight movies, Harry Potter, Friday the 13th, Clash of the Titans, Jonah Hex, Gears of War, Army of 2, Street Fighter, Bob Marley, Bioshock 2, Nightmare Before Christmas, Wizkids Heroclix (Marvel and DC comics)

Shocker Toys - Dragon Ball Z, Madballs, Johnny Test, Sushi Pack, Full Metal Alchamist: Brotherhood, My Pet Monster, One Piece, Soul Eater

Sideshow Collectibles - (NOT at the show) Avatar maquettes, life-size busts and dioramas; Aliens and Predators high end collectibles

Spin Master - The Last Airbender, How to Train Your Dragon, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tron Legacy

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