Friday, March 26, 2010

15 Second Reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine & How to Train Your Dragon

Hot Tub Time Machine: Man Ass Ho! Here's a new buddy comedy sending friends spiraling to the 80's to screw up the time line and ultimately make their lives better (awesome premise), spending much of the time trying to be The Hangover with homo-erotic gags that fall flat. Still a hysterical movie but with dead spots and not as funny as THEY think it is. Worth a watch.

How to Train Your Dragon: When is the last time you went to an animated movie and went WOA over the visuals? No, Avatar doesn't count. Dragon is smart, funny and fast paced with enough action to make your World of Warcraft buddies spit their pop out and enough heart to make your date go AWW very often. Maybe a little dark for a G rated crowd, but still an excellent film. SEE IT IN 3D!!

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