Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tim Burton On Addams Family Stop Motion Next

Deadline NY is reporting that, among Burton's various projects and fresh off his Alice in Wonderland 3D success, he'll find some time to breathe new life into the creepiest family in America with Universal's Illumination Entertainment. This new stop motion project would be based on the original comic strips seen in the New Yorker Magazine as opposed to the cooky family we've come to know and love from the 60's TV show and feature films. There is no doubting Burton's expertise in directing a stop motion feature, or his keen eye for creating a spooky, yet family friendly world, but with a near miss with Corpse Bride and a Wonderland that was arguably short on the wonder, it is anyone's guess how this project will go. One thing is 100% clear...the audience will be there!

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