Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Mark III

Our profiles of Hasbro's Iron Man 2 3.75 inch action figures continue with the Mark 3 armor, the standard of the first movie. When is that second movie coming out again??!! I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!!!

03: Iron Man Mark III - A perfection of the Iron Man armor, this suit is the most advanced piece of technology in the world. Powerful weapons, super strength, and supersonic flight make Tony Stark a one man army. Ignore the high yellow accents and the flat cartoony red paint job on the package. Your Mark 3 has a semi-gloss red in just the right shade and gold where that yellow is pictured. The sculpt is top notch with tight paints to compliment it. Joints are easily movable but not loose and the articulation itself makes for another highly playable figure. I love that the double hinged knees are hidden behind IM's knee armor! Very nice touch. Let's get some flight stands for those back peg holes!! The Mark 3 also comes with a rigid plastic upper torso armor with soft rubber flip up panels. They aren't so soft that they will rip right off or look like wilting leaves when you point them up, but they don't seem to want to become one with the chest plate unless you jam them in. Shoulder pieces come off like on the Mark 2. Again, I'll mention the hands pop off easy, so if you are buying these for your kids, be prepared to have lots of handless Iron Men.

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