Monday, March 1, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Mark I

Today, Hasbro unleashed Iron Man 2 action figures across the US...except for Toys R Us who have had the figures on sale for weeks...and those stores who ignored the release date and unleashed early. This qualifies as the most anti-climactic toy line release everrrrrrr. All lack of excitement aside, Hasbro has unleashed a killer line of 3.75 inch scaled figures, correcting past mistakes, cleaning up paint jobs and visibly working to make articulation usable. We'll go by the numbers and show you all the little armored Starks and enemies of Stark you can buy right now, except for War Machine, who is the scalper's darling right now next to Crimson Dynamo. Let's get moving!

01: Iron Man Mark I - The Mark I suit isn't as fast or powerful as Tony Stark's later versions of the Iron Man armor, but it was still plenty tough enough to blast its way to freedom in the remote mountains of the middle east. The Mark I is an excellent recreation of the movie version of Stark's first armor, complete with a snap on flame thrower rocket launcher. Swivels on my figure moved easily but all hinges are extremely tight. I made a couple of attempts to move the knees but feared I'd snap them off so gave up. Still, its an awesome little figure, but I'd love to get some of those joints moving!

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