Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diamond Select's Munsters Action Figures

Ah yes. That theme song. Instantly recognizable and so, so hard to resist breaking out in a boogie when heard. Diamond Select knows we love the goofiest monster family that ever was (not to be confused with cooky, which is the Addams Family) and will be releasing your long wished for Munsters action figures this October!

The fans have spoken and they want more horror for their Hallloween and DST has been listing- we now present the next property in the acclaimed Select line, The Munsters! (click for more images!) TV's first family of horror! Who does not remember watching the exploits of Herman, Lilly and Grampa back in the days before color TV! Sculpted by legendary sculptor Jean St. Jean, featuring a selection of accessories as well as the specialty market exclusive build- a Electric chair! This 7" depiction of the TV icons is proof-positive of DST's dedication to bringing these icons to collectors. The Select version includes an exclusive detailed accessory not available to the Mass Market!

So it looks like this set kicks off with Herman, Lilly and Grampa, which by process of elimination leaves Eddie and Marilyn for...October 2012?! I hope not. The Universal Monsters roll out happens every October, and the Munsters seems to be following suit, so it would stand to reason series two would follow next year, but with a Build-A-Lectric Chair in play, perhaps we'll see the rest of the family a little sooner.

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