Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NECA's SDCC Exclusives

Hasbro gave us a big fat taste of their geektastic SDCC exclusives at Toy Fair, most likely striking first blood in that arena, but honestly SDCC is so big right now someone else could have announced their goods before then and I don't have the energy to go's move onnnn. Don't look at me like that. NECA step front and center and leaked their SDCC exclusives (very quietly) to those communists across the water, who then rubbed the fact in our face. Bastards. Here's the skinny..

Classic Predator in "Gort" Mask: The original 1987 version of the Predator with the original prototype mask not used on screen but known to Predator fans worldwide, the “Gort” mask; as seen in behind the scenes footage and the Stan Winston “Winston Effect” book. Classic Predator also includes a newly sculpted left hand holding a skull and spine trophy.

Gears of War 3 Marcus Out of Armor: The first figure from the highly anticipated sequel coming this Fall. Marcus is a brand new figure loaded with articulation and a brand new torso out of armor, not available anywhere else. Marcus also comes with a gold version of the Retro Lancer accessory.
Gremlins Gizmo Comic Con Edition: From the brand new re-launch of the Gremlins line comes this special edition Comic-Con Gizmo. Gizmo comes with sunglasses to protect himself from the bright lights and the California sun along with a special lanyard badge for his Comic-Con attendance and a tote bag that Gizmo can be placed inside to hide from the Gremlins or from
the crowds of fanboys and girls in San Diego.

Pictures coming soooon. San Diego Comic Con is July 21-24th. Keep watching this blog/website/bitching post for listings of the 500 or so bobble heads you'll be able to buy there.

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