Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vinylmation Realizing Disney Afternoon Toy Dreams

If you are just now hearing the word "Vinylmation" for the first time, never fear. You haven't missed the boat entirely, you are just late to the game! Vinylmation is Disney's entry into the world of vinyl art toys. The model is to make a form or shape and release it printed with a wide range of designs. For small companies, the high price point reflects the low number of pieces made for a series. It isn't that you are paying more for the exclusivity of the piece (though that helps ease the pain)...its largely the fault of the factory producing the toys setting the price higher with these lower runs. As time went on, I suppose people accepted the prices as a standard of their collecting, so now when a new company jumps into the ring, it doesn't matter if they have the resources to print items in larger numbers for less money. You're still going to pay 10 bucks for a 3 inch figure! THAT would be the downside.

On the upside, the figures are pretty damn cool and Disney, having a pool of incredible artists at their disposal, is making the most of their Mickey Mouse-like form utilizing characters from their animated worlds as well as original designs you can't help but gawk over. Among the must-have characters are the citizens of the Nightmare Before Christmas world, Chip and Dale, Pluto and a host of other characters in Nerd gear, a two figure set for Pete's Dragon, Kevin Flynn from the original Tron, a series for The Muppets (complete with Pigs in Space), a Star Wars series (Boba Mouse will be mine one day) and a whoooole series just for Disney Villains!! Now Disney finally took notice of all of our 80's cartoon favorites returning, and sometimes re-imagined and probably said to themselves..."Hey..Didn't we make some great shows back then?" Thus, the Disney Afternoon series was born.

The line kicks off with a 2 pack for Tale Spin; that odd show that answered the question "What if the characters from Jungle Book went out and got jobs?" Wackiness ensued. The pack includes Kit and Baloo and retails for around 26 and change via Disney Parks (which comes up empty, so now I'm assuming Ebay?" The next set will be from Duck Tales and includes Launchpad McQuack and Scrooge McDuck! Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers and Goof Troop are on deck for later sets.

If all this wets your whistle you can be further tempted by a Steampunk series and Pirates of the Carribean, all coming soon! Hit up the Disney Vinylmation website for details, sneak peeks and to start amassing your army today!

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