Thursday, April 14, 2011


He's got Captain Planet animation looks, Iron Man's arsenal and a healthy dose of M.A.S.K thrown in for good measure, just to make sure a good cross section of your cartoon youth has been pillaged. He's THE GOVERNATOR...and if this cartoon is actually good, I just might fucking die.

Seriously does anyone expect this to be anything less than a trainwreck we are hoping will be hysterical, at the very least? It takes the combo of Stan Lee AND Arnold Schearzenegger to come up with something this ridiculous and ACTUALLY GET IT MADE. Here's the skinny...

When Governor Schwarzenegger returns to Hollywood and finds a whole new genre of super-villains confronting the world, he decides to become the #1 superhero he’s always played in the movies...only this time, it’s for real! He assembles a team of awesomely brilliant teens to build him a secret lair full of state-of-the-art vehicles, crime-fighting gear, and lots of cool gadgets in this new animated action-comedy series. Arnold is Back! as The Governator, the superhero for the 21st century!

Lots of cool gadgets. Oh. Yea. Let's watch.

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