Monday, April 18, 2011


On one hand, I applaud NickToons for promoting the hell out of their upcoming Voltron Force cartoon (coming this June), but I can't abide by laziness. We have a new video called "Let's Voltron". The name suggests we'll be introduced to some awesome new dance I will instantly fall in love with, want to master and then take to the hottest clubs in New York City to spread like a particularly nasty make-out rash. Do we get that? Noooo. We get some kids dancing along to a guy going "WOO! WOO!" like he's Will Smith and flashing the occasional image of the mighty lion-bot. BAA. Get back in the studio and have Wu-Tang Clan whip out the most awesome homage to a killer 80's cartoon you've ever heard. After that, you can just swing your arms around in a sword slashing, double fisted motion (like a modified cabbage patch) and no one will give a damn because the track will be so scorchin. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Voltron Force, is the first original franchise-related television content in 10 years and is scheduled to debut on Nicktoons in 2011, with WEP and Classic Media producing along with leading Hollywood production company Kickstart Productions (Wanted, Wolverine and the X-Men).

Voltron, the original robot-action series, is the story of five space explorers who pilot incredible robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, an invincible guardian sworn to defend the universe. Voltron Force will follow a group of new recruits on their once-in-a-lifetime chance to battle alongside the original group of heroes led by Commander Keith in the Black Lion and Allura in the Blue Lion. The new series will consist of 26 half-hour episodes of 2D and CGI animation and will have all the thrilling excitement of robot lions in action, combined with compelling storylines and the dynamic, relatable characters that made the original series so popular. Voltron Force promises to be an excellent co-viewing opportunity where lifelong Voltron fans can now share the experience with their own children.

In addition, Mattel is developing a new line of Voltron toys for fans of all ages. Mattel’s toy offerings will appeal to adults who grew up with the popular ‘80s series, as well as a new generation of fans that Voltron Force will create.

“I am thrilled to partner with Classic Media as we introduce Voltron to a new generation of fans,” said Ted Koplar, President, WEP. “Classic Media’s exceptional brand management capability will play an integral role in the highly-anticipated relaunch of this classic property.” Koplar continued, “Voltron’s legacy of innovative and iconic toys is in great hands with Mattel, whose vision promises to re-imagine and re-invigorate Voltron toys like never before.”

“We are delighted to be a strategic partner of WEP’s on the revival of such an iconic brand as Voltron and greatly look forward to working with Kickstart Productions in bringing this new animation series to all of our key international partners across broadcast and home entertainment,” said Chloe van den Berg, EVP, International, Classic Media.

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