Friday, April 29, 2011

SDCC: Mattel's San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

The weather is heating up, so its time to start compiling your lists to see how in debt you will be after San Diego Comic Con this year! YAY credit cards!! After NECA's first strike, Mattel jumps into the ring with an exclusive showing on G4, revealing half their goodies and teasing the rest in quick, nose bleed rendering pans across the rest. Luckily, we live in the future where I can do screen caps and bring back the eye candy and the info, as best I can manage from blurry source material. Here's the rundown so far:

Swamp Thing : He was off limits to Mattel but now that he is a part of the core DC Universe, all bets are off! Who wants to speculate on a John Constantine figure coming soon as well? At any rate, Swamp Thing comes packed in a recyclable/bio-degradable mask-vacuform-thingy. This is the first DC figure Mattel has done that has exoskeletal articulation (ie; articulation hidden by a rubbery covering of some sort.) You may want to note that several companies attempted to do this over 10 years or so ago and degrading rubber over the articulation assured the figures looked like crud in no time. Of course, we live in the future now so Mattel could have found a way, so good luck to em! Buying Swampy at the show gets you the Un-Men as well for the low low price of $30.

Blazing Sword Voltron : Super Articulated! YAY! 6 inch scale. Aww. If there is any doubt in your mind as to weather Mattel will release a big guy with connectible lion-bots, you are INSANE. I'm sure this is just their first go and made special just for SDCC. Voltron comes with 22 points of articulation, 2 versions of his sword (one translucent forming and one formed) and is packed in talking display box that recites the whole opening to the show! All for $30, which seems like a STEAL.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: The most COLOSSAL exclusive Mattel has ever made (unless you count those humongous DC Anti-Monitors they did a couple years back). The Stay Puft marshmallow man is certainly the biggest Ghostbusters item they've done thus far. He comes in full fold out diorama packaging standing roughly 19 inches tall!! Mattel says he is made of a sort of plush material so he'll remain squishy and lovable, while still free standing and articulated, all for $70.

Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber : From the cartoon Young Justice and seemingly in a 4.5 inch scale, the figure appears in his white outfit, as he was found in the first episode of the show. $20

Monster High Comic Con Ghoulia : Being that Ghoulia Yelps is the smartest ghoul in school, naturally she’s a comic book fan. Ghoulia’s on her way to NekroCon dressed as her favorite zombie super hero, Dead Fast™. Ghoulia comes with a miniature Dead Fast action figure and a Dead Fast fan fic book that she wrote and illustrated herself. Ghoulia in a super hero costume?! COSPLAY DOLL!! The girls will freak, so this is sure to sell out. Put this on your watch list. It's hard enough to find the regular Ghoulia figure at retail! $20 price tag will assure people will be buying the max amounts.

Masters of the Universe Polly Pocket She-Ra Set:
Polly™ and her friends are dressed as their Masters of the Universe® alter egos to battle out good vs. evil! Polly, dressed as She-Ra™, and Kerstie®, dressed as Frosta™, are ready to take on Crissy® as the evil Catra™.

Polly™ as She-Ra™: When it comes to dressing up for adventure, Polly loves to be the original Princess of Power™. Armed with her Sword of Protection and an Etherian Shield, Polly is ready to tackle The Evil Horde™ and whatever action awaits!

Lea® as Frosta™: Lea may not have a cold heart, but when she dresses up as the Ice Empress of Etheria, she can freeze foes in her path. Armed with a magic wand that turns anything to ice, Lea is ready for her next adventure to save the day!

Crissy® as Catra™: Crissy has cat scratch fever as the mischievous and notorious Catra. When in her Horde disguise, Crissy is purrfectly poised to make trouble for Polly and friends! $20

Barbie Blake Lively/Carol Ferris Green Lantern Movie Doll: We saw this at Toy Fair along with Kilowog, so its more than likely they are going to have it for sale at the show as a preview item and later, you'll be able to buy her at retail. Of course this is just speculation, but I doubt there's a Barbie doll retail stores haven't liked.

Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog : From the live action movie Green Lantern comes the biggest Green Lantern member Mattel has done to date. This will be available as a sort of preview figure at SDCC for $25. The actual wording suggests he will be available later at

Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena : The good queen of Eternia® is finally here to complete the Eternos Royal Family. Marlena isn't coming empty handed… she includes her royal green dress, scepter and sword, plus an interchangeable space helmet head, rifle and blaster pistol to transform her back into her fighting days as Captain Glenn™, Heroic Galactic Adventurer™! And as an added accessory, Queen Marlena includes Cringer™, Prince Adam's loyal pet and secret identity of Battle Cat®! Marlena is packed as Queen Marlena™ Heroic Queen of Eternia™ for SDCC then as Captain Glenn™ Heroic Galactic Adventurer™ for after the show. Each pack comes with all the parts you need for both figures, but each includes a unique bio specific to how she is packed.

THIS WILL SELL OUT!! This is the first time Prince Adam's Earthling mother has been made into a figure, so collectors far and wide will be after this one. The inclusion of Cringer, Prince Adam's lazy, cowardly companion before he turns into Battle Cat is enough to send people running to buy the max amount. You've been warned! She'll sell for $25..further proof she will sell out.

Franken Berry Hot Wheels Vehicle : This Franken Berry™ cereal box with a Hot Wheels car inside will take you right back to being 7 years-old and watching Saturday morning cartoons. What car is inside? It’s the popular Dairy Delivery vehicle, of course, because you need some milk to go with your cereal! Shake the box and hear that awesome cereal sound coming from inside. $20

Hot Wheels Back to the Future Car : This Back to the Future vehicle is being kept tightly under wraps..or rather boxed up in a radiation proof package. We'll know soon enough...WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOOOXXXX!!! (Thank you Brad Pitt) For $35, its not going to be tiny!

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