Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Catman Cometh

OH! What's that? Paul is NOT a dirty rotten liar and there IS a Catman figure coming from Mattel? Wow. Amazing. So there's..what...50 guys lined up outside my apartment to say sorry for calling me a photoshopping bastich right now, yes? No? OK then...I'll take your silence as a heartfelt apology.

Once again, from across the water comes news of American plastics! HKFighreClub.com's board poster Samttary got the scoop on the new additions to the Batman Legacy line with Catman, Retro Batman WITH Batmite and Batgirl. We noticed she is also posed next to the older version of Batgirl, which may have been done for comparison, but it's not like Mattel wouldn't re-issue the figure as a variant. It's very likely...it's the same figure after all. I wouldn't get too excited about the motorcycle in the shots though. I highly doubt that comes with the figure. Batgirl is marked for Fall 2011.

Hit up HKFigureClub for lots more pics!

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