Monday, June 27, 2011

Meaning of Robots AKA Robosex Awakening

In this frightening world we live in, it seems very easy to pick up half a dozen a phobias and/or OCDs. I, myself, find it hard to eat a breakfast plate without having a taste of each thing on the fork at the same time. Eggs, sausage, hash browns and into the mouth. I do the math as I eat so I don't wind up with any one taste. It's a little weird, but that's just me. Segway to the strange case of Michael Sullivan. Described as a "gentle genius" by his long time friend Larry Hama (aka the father of all G.I.Joes); Michael set out to make a movie about robots in the heat of battle and somewhere along the way, it occurred to him it was a sex movie. I'll give you a moment to re-read that last sentence. Since that time, Michael has been living a hoarder's life, spending his days making robots.. with genitalia.. and robot horses.. also with genitalia.. and swims in a thought that one day it will be time to shoot a truly bizarre, but certainly epic movie. I am positive it will be epic, as Michael isn't just some cook. His creations are incredibly detailed and in their own right, beautiful. Apparently, many others thought so and back in 2007, they gave him an art show featuring dioramas of his illicit clockwork actors at the best place for such a thing.. The Museum of Sex. Here's a sneak peek at the movie itself, Via after YouTube pulled it. Although NONE of this is sexy (unless you are among the 10% of twisted bastards I cater to none the less), suffice to say, it is not safe for work.

Flash forward to today and Michael is still quietly building his sexified robo army that now numbers into the hundreds. Film maker Matt Lenski shares our fascination for the man and his pursuits and captured a moment of the artist's life.

Meaning of Robots from Matt Lenski on Vimeo.

File this story under "believe it or's toy related."

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