Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SDCC: Mezco's Living Dead Doll Resurrection Set

And now what you've all seemingly been waiting for. THE DOLLS!!! OMG!! THOSE DAMNED DOLLS!!!! Mezco knows you love the spooky little bastards, so we took special care to get all the details on film. Here's the skinny...

The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set returns.

This year Penny, Deadbra Ann, Damien and Inferno have been reimagined with new outfits and glass look eyes.

Each member of this limited edition comes with its own death certificate, and entombed in its own coffin.

This is a non-numbered limited edition item. $225

Mezco's Living Dead Dolls ressurection series is one of the fastest selling summer items produced each year.

As Fangoria reported in itsMay 2011 issue (# 303) demand for the limited editions dolls has at times reached such a fever pitch that it has crashed both phone and internet servers.

This set will premiere at the world famous San Diego Comic Con, but is also available for pre-order at: http://www.mezcotoyz.com

CLICK HERE for more images of your favorite undead kiddies!

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  1. I own the set I am selling them for almost two hundred each today