Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SDCC: Action Figure Xpress's Thundercats, Stormtroopers, NBA and More!

As you may have guessed, the SDCC news is going to get hot n heavy from now on, with retailers, manufacturers and the indie toy makers posting their news all over holy hell and back. THE INTERNETS ARE SWELLING WITH TOYSSSSS!! Now our good buddies at Action Figure Xpress jump in, led by Patrick Wang, the man who DEFIED DEATH to bring you the New Mutants minimates set you'd been crying for. He's just that dedicated.

Ancient spirits of evil transport Mumm-Ra the Ever Living to San Diego Comic Con! - Action Figure Xpress and Icon Heroes debut the villainous Mumm-Ra and SDCC exclusive Ma-Mutt Staction Figures. Captured as he transforms from a wretched corpse to a bloodcurdling force of terror, Mumm-Ra lunges off the screen and into your collection. Designed with burning eyes, billowing cape and bandages, you experience his wrath boil over with rage. The gate fold window box packaging features a special diorama insert of Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress. Measuring a full 9”h x 11”w x 2.5”d on base, this PVC figure is available for $40 exclusively at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

As a special bonus, every Mumm-Ra the Ever Living Staction Figure purchased at SDCC will come with a free exclusive gift: the Ma-Mutt Staction Figure. Measuring 3.5”h x 1.5”w x 2.5”d on base, this staction figure of the faithful companion captures his ferocious snarl while in attack mode.

“A revival of the past is brewing”, said Pat Wang, President. “With the upcoming release of the New Thundercats cartoon, we wanted to help fans relive those pinnacle moments of the classic toons.”

Action Figure Xpress and MINDstyle are pleased to announce the highly anticipated CoolRain NBA Playoffs Box Set - Korean designer CoolRain is famous for his custom, edgy urban creations. Limited to only 300 piece worldwide, this San Diego Comic Con Exclusive set includes the never released NBA MVP Derrick Rose in his home jersey, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, and Amare Stoudemire. These poseable 5” vinyl figures come with miniature Spalding basketballs and interchangeable hands. This NBA Playoffs Box Set is available for $100 exclusively ONLY at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

“On the heels of MINDstyle’s top selling NBA collectible figures comes this NBA Playoffs Box Set”, said Pat Wang, President. “What better way to commemorate the excitement of the playoffs series!”

Thor Stormbreaker Exclusive Marvel Minimates Set - New Minimate box set is scheduled to debut at San Diego Comic-Con! From the pages of Thor comes… “Stormbreaker”! This set commemorates the dynamic Walt Simonson storyline of Thor comic book #337. Alien Beta Ray Bill crossed paths with the God of Thunder, hefted the enchanted hammer Mjolnir and was granted the power of Thor himself. With everyone in the Marvel Universe picking up hammers nowadays, we thought it would be appropriate. Available only at the Action Figure Xpress booth, #3345 for $20.

“Beta Ray Bill has always been one of the most popular fan requested minimates characters”, said Pat Wang, President. “We are happy to team with Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum to offer this set of all new, exclusive characters.”

Action Figure Xpress and Kotobukiya unleash the hottest Star Wars San Diego Comic Con Exclusive: the ArtFX+ Stormtooper Commander Figures Two-Pack - Star Wars fans clamor for stormtoopers and Action Figure Xpress delivers in this exclusive model kit two-pack. Included in every Stormtrooper Commander set are two complete statues, each authentically replicated with exacting attention to detail. Measuring 8” tall, both troopers come with additional interchangeable parts and weapons giving you the flexibility to select from more than 18 recommended poses. As an added feature and like other ArtFx+ releases, magnets are embedded in the feet to allow for effortless display on the supplied bases. This two-pack is available for $90 exclusively at Action Figure Xpress’ booth #3345.

“Every Star Wars fan would love to build an army of stormtroopers and this two-pack is a great way to start it off”, said Pat Wang, President. “We love that these snap –to-fit kits are so flexible in poses that you can create your own Star Wars scene.”

More information and pre-orders available at http://www.shopafx.com/sandicoprand.html

CLICK HERE for loads more pics!

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