Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wizard World Comic Con: Philadelphia 2011

The events are coming waaay too fast now to keep up with on a weekly basis, so I'll be throwing random coverage at you whenever I can! With that in mind, I've just put up over 100 pics from the recent Wizard World Philly Comic Con. This year's show was packed from the entrance to the back wall. What did they do different? I HAVE NO CLUE! We asked around the show and no one could pinpoint where the surge of fans were coming from but one thing is for sure, our thoughts that there are too many cons on the east coast competing with each other for your hard won dollars were unfounded. Good news for NY Comic Con I'm thinking!

Since the show essentially had a lot of the same guests and companies you are used to seeing after years of coverage, we scoured the isles for original artists and new projects to talk about. Here's what we turned up... - Joshua Peters strayed away from the usual sneaker enthusiast events that would normally be the ideal place to show his excellent work to be among the true geeks, and it seemed to be paying off. Designs inspired by Harry Potter, Hellboy and Dexter, among others, caught our attention and had him heading home with plenty of custom orders. - Among the rows of DC and Marvel comics art, it is refreshing to see a crew with some original designs with vibrant colors and a killer artistic eye. I'd buy comics featuring this style in a heartbeat. If you were a skater back in the day, Effigy is the ideal company to provide you with a beautiful new deck to display on your wall as that you are too old and may break a hip - Claymation + Zombie Apocalypse = Good Times. Need I say more? Take a look...

We also caught up with friends Sarah Richard promoting her book Zomb Ebomb! and sketching like a pro, Xenescope pushing their new titles Fly? and Monster Hunter's Survival Guide, and The Black Bastard himself!Link
Check out the FLICKR gallery for images of everything we say throughout the day!

Of course, there were more than a few celebs on hand as well, but with nearly triple the number of guards in the area and 30 signs demanding there be NO photography in the area at all, we resigned ourselves to just saying hello and kept the cameras tucked away as to not be pummeled by security. I will give a shout out to Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and Michael who are promoting their new movie The Victim, as we love the indies here and hell, they are family! If you can't abuse your power on the Internet for friends, what good is it? I'll also mention Chandra Free, excellent author and mondo Venture Brothers fan who was pushing The God Machine and all her spooky arts.

Since the show was so packed, me and my crew were often split up so, sadly, the adventures were at a minimum. We couldn't even take time to rescue Cherie from the Philly Ghostbusters (you'll note she was "busted" last year), but as we entered the show we found her already free. She's hot and well..they are Ghostbusters, so the math isn't very hard to figure. We did take time to visit the Norton Antivirus Captain America booth where we were equal parts inquisitive and utterly ridiculous, as always. There you could snap a picture of yourself as a S.H.I E.L.D. trainee and then, almost 10 seconds later, switch sides and watch as Hydra agents take Captain America off to his doom. It was a roller coaster of emotion, I tell you.

Special thanks to the Philly Wizard World Comic Con crew for access! Whatever you did to bring in that crowd, keep it up!

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