Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breastfeeding Baby Doll Coming to America

In the history of our great nation, comedians will happily point out there have been many dolls that make sucky noises and motions with their lips. That said, the Breastfeeding Baby Doll isn't really doing anything new...it's just providing a bit of clothing for your child to wear so they can pretend they are breastfeeding. SHOCKING!! It's a silly idea, but in a world where we rehash and revamp thoughts only 1 year old, at least it is a fairly original one. Further, the creators of the toy seem to have their ideals in the right place, at the very least. Here's the skinny...

Berjuan Toys, the international toy company renowned for its various high-quality doll lines, today announced its commitment to bring one of its top international-selling dolls, The Breast Milk Baby, to the U.S. market.

With initial sales through www.thebreastmilkbaby.com and various other e-tailors, Berjuan is meeting with several specialty retail chains and stores to have the doll readily available for purchase. Specifically, Berjuan will look to have several sales meeting at the ASD (Las Vegas) trade show at booth G217 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

When the company initially announced that the doll would be made available internationally, the U.S. market stirred with a mix of endorsements and controversy about the dolls primary feature. Dennis Lewis, the U.S representative for Berjuan, said, “The Breast Milk Baby (MSRP $69.99) has sold millions throughout Europe. It is a wonderful, high quality product that mimics one of the world’s most natural mothering abilities. We’ve been asked by millions of U.S. women to offer the doll here and we’ve been graciously embraced by dozens of advocacy groups that endorse the doll.”

“The Breast Milk Baby lets young girls imitate mothers in a natural, caring way. Acting just like ‘mommy,‘ girls can learn another natural nurturing skill about taking care of a baby. Just like changing, bathing, swaddling, singing, rocking to sleep, and cuddling for a healthy baby.

The Breast Milk Baby simulates the breast-feeding process by including a fashionable halter-top that a young girl can put on like a vest and when she brings the Breast Milk Baby doll’s mouth up to the pretty flower decoration on the vest the doll makes a soft, suckling sound. The two flowers on the halter are positioned where the nipples would be and when the mouth of the doll is brought close to the embedded sensors in the flower, the baby makes motions and suckling sounds.

Some critics say that the doll over-sexualizing young girls or forcing girls to grow up too quickly, but the company and those in support of the doll say that it teaches young girls natural motherhood.

According to the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, it was a national goal to have at least 75% of all mothers breastfeeding for at least six months by 2011. For Berjuan, the Breast Milk Baby helps to reach that goal by helping to accept and promote breastfeeding as the most loving, healthy practice for a mother and her infant.

“Breastfeeding isn't just a wonderful practice for the health of the infant. Mothers who breastfeed are more likely to return to their former weight before childbirth, and have a reduced risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis for the rest of their lives**,” Lewis documented. “The Breast Milk Baby will revolutionize our nation's attitudes to good infant health, while letting little girls share in the wonder and magic of motherhood.”

We look forward to the first comedy skit in which a group of men have a conversation about sports all while mock breastfeeding.

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