Friday, July 29, 2011

Thundercats Cartoon Premiere: Pop Culture Shock's Lion-O

Thought we might take a break from all the SDCC posting to celebrate the premiere of the NEW Thundercats cartoon which hits your TV upside the head TONIGHT on Cartoon Network. We don't have very much in the way of party favors, so we took what we had and made it count! Up first we take a close look at the new mixed media statue of Lion-O in his classic look from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, due to hit your shelves very soon! This leader of the mighty Thundercats is the Sideshow Exclusive version with light up eyes and Eye of Thundera on his sword, and is long sold out BUT your favorite etailer and local retailers may have pre-ordered some, so start making calls now! Here are the details from Sideshow...

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you this fantastic new addition to Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' offerings - Lion-O from the Thundercats animated series. The Lion-O Statue - Sideshow Exclusive Edition features light-up eyes and sword detail. This mixed media statue stands an imposing 32 inches high and is expertly cast in high-quality polystone, then dressed in real fabric clothing. Each figure includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

Notes on Photography: The objective wasn't to just show off Lion-O, as you've seen plenty of pics of him at this point. We wanted to really reveal all the sculptural details. Lion-O was shot in fairly direct sunlight, which washes the color a bit but provides for a little drama with shadows and light fall. Still, the colors are very true to what you would see with the naked eye in sunlight. Also note this was the piece closest to finished on hand, as Lion-O hasn't actually shipped yet, so very minor details will be tighter on the finished pieces (like the symbol on the sword.)

For a whole pile of Lion-O pics, click HERE to hit the Flickr!

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