Monday, July 11, 2011


Adding to a list that includes a plush robot devil and mini angry bender figure from Futurama as well as Alex Pardee's CanMan, a Fang plush in Disguise and the UNKL 6” Hazmapo figure, Toynami decided to add a little MEGA SCALE ACTION to the mix! Have you ever looked at your Futurama collection and thought "I've got all the main characters, but something is missing. I've got the Robot Devil and that evil robot Santa Claus, but where's the giant Destructor robot to crush them all to a pulp??!!"

Toynami has heard your prayers.

It's our new FUTURAMA San Diego Debut: the enormous Destructor! Bender's arch-rival in the wrestling ring will be available in stores 4th Quarter 2011, but you can get him early by ordering him at Comic-Con and we'll send him right to your house! You won't have to figure out a way to pack him on the plane -- let us do all the work! Destructor will be $40 in the exclusive SDCC packaging, which includes shipping + tax. the only way to pre-order the Destructor in the comic-con package is at our booth at SDCC, but the figure itself will be available at various retail stores this holiday season!

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