Thursday, July 14, 2011

SDCC: Drive 88 mph with Team Fox

Where are all the real DeLorean Time Machines that were used in the Back to the Future movies? Sadly, some of them no longer exist and others are in need of extensive work. Of the seven cars used over the three movies, only three original cars are thought to still exist. Presented by Profiles in History, the famed auction house that represented the Debbie Reynolds Collection this summer, one of those screen used DeLoreans will be at Comic-Con 2011 for public viewing in conjunction with Team Fox benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. The main goal is to give fans the opportunity to see and be photographed in the car. For a $20 donation to the Foundation you can be photographed in the DeLorean with all proceeds going to Team Fox.

Profiles in History is proud to present the original DeLorean Time Machine driven by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future III. It will be presented at booth 1605, along with several original artifacts from all three Back to the Future movies with the hopes of creating a Back To The Future "museum" experience. Along with the Time Machine will be original costumes, the Tales From Space comic, Doc's burned toy Cadillac, Clock Tower cables, Gray's Almanac, the Doc Brown committed/commended newspapers, a full set of all five types of hoverbo, and other rarely seen pieces of cinematic history.

The Time Machine has been in private hands for the past 8 years, and was recently featured on the Hollywood Treasure television show hosted by Joe Maddalena. Joe and his staff will be at the booth in person to greet fans, and share these rare pieces of history. In conjunction with Team Fox, this is a rare opportunity to get your pictures taken with the original Time Machine.

The Time Machine will be available for viewing during advertised Comic-Con show hours, and will be in a future Profiles in History auction later this year, with a portion of the proceeds going to Team Fox benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Previously it could be seen at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

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