Thursday, June 4, 2015

SDCC 2015: Hasbro's Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Set Will Melt Faces

Oh Man. The Thunderbolts set? I could wait..and I waited..and I traded for it and I'm happy. The Thanos set? Prices are still a bit crazy, so I'll wait it out. There's nothing i'm DYING to have in there, but the completest in me still begs for it...and it's I wait. Now...this...demonic...thing. Oh man, I was never a huge Doctor Strange fan, or an avid reader of his comics...but the's real. It's a pain that will linger. If there was ever a time for Hasbro to call TRUCE on me and show their love by sending over their SDCC exclusives, NOW IS THAT TIME. Can't we all just love each other?

Hasbro's face melting Doctor Strange Marvel Legends San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive set includes Brother Voodoo (must..have), Magik (NEW MUTANT RULE!!!), Hela; the Asgardian Godess of Death (oh man..), a translucent Astral Projecting Doctor Strange (see through plastics are my kryptonite) annnnd...a super sized, dreadded Dormammu!!! Holy geez. For a die hard Marvel fan, this is a must buy. As if all that weren't enough, the damn figures come in Strange's Book of the Vishanti along with a wearable Eye of Agamotto. If you look really closely at the Doctor Strange figure, you'll note his mustache is painted black. Heeesterical. Is that cannon? Dead. I'm dead. I'm saving my pennies now. My priorities are now "Buy Doctor Strange Set" before "Scare up enough money to actually go to SDCC this year." Wow. $104.99. The pains. In my hearts...

Thanks to USA Today for the report!!

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