Thursday, January 7, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Funko's Batman Vs Superman Lineup

When last we visited the collectibles of Warner Bros' Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we checked out a pile of items in stores now, and mostly from Mattel. Now Funko takes center stage! As we checked out the list of Pops, Vinyl Idolz and Mystery Minis, we noticed the first bits of merchandise may already be in stores. The first wave of Batman Vs Superman Pop! Vinyl Figures are available now, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, a Superman Soldier, Nightmare Desert Batman, Aquaman, and an Aquaman variant that may reveal a small movie detail... POSSIBLE SPOILERS IF YOU CONTINUE!

So, I may be overthinking this, but Warner Bros also tend to overthink things, and over-complicate designs. Sure, a blue version of Aquaman could just be a representation of him under water...but what if this is showing he can turn into water? Just a theory, of course...but you never know.

This last 2 pack is not in stores yet, so don't go crazy hunting just yet. These are Metallic Variants of the two.

Here's a look at the Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads...

And the Vinyl Idolz...

And lastly, the Mystery Minis! In case there's a little confusion, the guy in the glasses is Alfred...which is an odd choice since Doomsday and Lex Luthor are in the film...and possibly others, so we have enough for a series 2 that can reveal more plot points after the film's release. 

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