Friday, January 22, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro's Captain America: Civil War Toy Lines *UPDATED 2/10*

The exclusives to the big outlets have begun! This is the time of year we grumble the loudest as the websites who support the toy companies the most sit around while giant mega entertainment websites get exclusive news they really don't care about. FUN! I'm not bitter though. (lil bit) IGN kicks things off with a fairly in depth look at a good chunk of the Captain America: Civil War toys from Hasbro. We've got 6 inch Marvel Legends, 3.75 inch figures (which are also called Legends now), and 2.5 inch figures and playsets.

Scroll down for updates!

6 Inch Action Figures

Who ever posed that Iron Man...yeesh...I want his/her job. Also #WheresFalcon?? It's a NEEED.

3.75 Inch

2.5 inch

 hehehe..the armored up figures are so silly. They look like they were designed by whom ever was responsible for the Star Wars Build-A-Weapons. Terrible. 

Hasbro also thought this a good opportunity to prove they do make female figures for kids with a picture of their first ever Black Widow Titan Figure! New news to some, old news to others as this piece has been rolling around pre-orders for such a long time, we were beginning to think it was in a canceled wave of Age of Ultron figures. Still, we've got a Widow where she should be (front and center on the toy shelves), and another alongside her team in the 2.5 inch scale (which could not be said for last year's lineup) it's a step in the right direction!

 We've still yet to see the rest of the 3.75 inch figures and vehicles, the ride-ons (where the figure is attached to the vehicle, any possible movie specific electronic titans (the last ones were interactive!!), the fleeting possibility of more 6 inch Legends (MAKE FALCON DAMNIT!!) and the all important Role Play items, allowing us to fulfill our dreams of a Cap Shield that fires rockets at our family members when they least expect it. Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: 1/22

We've got some Role Play items that, while being the standard items you'd expect, give us a look at the movie toy's packaging.

Check out the amazing detail on the Black Panther mask. For a 10 to 15 dollar item, that's something I'd put on my wall! I'm also digging the angry eyebrows on War Machine. Extra grr. Did he always have those on the movie design or did the film makers want something to further allow kids to tell the two apart? Odd design choice.

We've also got another member of the Titan Heroes lineup...Ant-Man! Note that this is a part of the Avengers toy line, most likely closer resembling the cartoon series Avengers Assemble, though the packaging no longer says that.

UPDATE: 1/23

More roleplay items including the Captain America Blaster Reveal Shield, Captain America Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet, Captain America Stealth Vision Helmet, Iron Man Tech FX Mask
 and Iron Man Slide Blast Armor

 We've also got a look at the Captain America and Iron Man Electronic Titan Hero Series Figures. Just to be clear, these shout phrases from the movie and make sound effects, but there's no evidence that these interact like the last wave of Avengers: Age of Ultron Electronic Titan figures.
Iron Man appears to light up though! Pew pew noises included.

UPDATE: 1/26

Today we've got more Electronic Titan 12 inch figures to show off! Here's Falcon and War Machine. Still no word if these interact like the Age of Ultron figures, but all signs are pointing to nope. We got some zooms of War Machine so you can check out his new weapons. That shoulder cannon looks a lot like Asgardian Destroyer the gun that Colson used to zap Loki!


We've also got a look at Black Widow's Titan Avengers buddies!
 Check out Winter Soldier, Vision and Falcon.

UPDATE: 1/19

MORE TITANS!! This will mark the first time we've seen Black Panther and Crossbones in Titan form. Not sure if there's anything new with Ultron, or is we've gotten a comic design War Machine before. Not even sure if Ultron has been released in his comic book form either!


OK! Time for another update. First off, we've got new additions to Roleplay items! One of them just might be the first time we've seen them actually call Falcon's Drone "Redwing" (which Marvel Zombies know was Falcon's bird companion in the classic comics.) Take a look at the Redwing Flyer,  Stark Strike Gauntlet and War Machine Battle Gauntlet...

It seems likely the design started out screen accurate, and then Hasbro decided to zazz it up with more red..because kids freak out over red things. Note; the silver is the accurate color, as seen in the image below.

We've got Miniverse Blast Action Vehicles...

The Miniverse Cycle Blast Quinjet

A new Titan figure of Black Panther with battle armor!

And a sneak peek at a new lineup of Captain America Marvel Legends Action Figures!!

UPDATE: 1/10

Today's update is more Miniverse figures! This time we see Hasbro returning to their "Concept Series" model to allow re-use of the most recognizable characters with a bit of a redeco, coupled with a new figure. Check out Concept Series Captain America vs Mercenary and Concept Series Iron Man vs Scarlet Witch!

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures and info, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation!

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  1. Does anyone know if titan hero series crossbones is available to buy somewhere? Been online searching for days! Didn't even know it was made.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haven't seen it at retail yet. Pics above if u missed it! It's a comic version.

    3. Thanks Paul. Been lucky lately but this one has been a challenge. Thinking of pre-ordering Doc Ock but it's $24 with shipping...missing that one too. Maybe I'll wait for both...Good luck.

    4. I'd wait. Cartoon (Sinister 6) is just coming out now and the movie isnt here yet. Widow just got her first release in a Target boxed set. Give it a lil time.

  2. Hasbro has been shipping out their Civil war toys to retail stores. They are arriving very soon to the floor. Check out local Kmarts and the like.

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