Saturday, January 23, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: More Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Action Figures

Remember when we wrote that article profiling all the new Batman vs Superman toys hitting retail now? We showed off a Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor in a robo-suit, with a note that it doesn't necessarily mean it is in the movie. Yes, the company went to great lengths to put the Lexcorp logo on the chest of the suit, but toy companies often get some leeway from licensors in creating "original" concepts for outfits and weapons included in each figure hanging on the pegs. Usually it's obvious that these outfits won't be featured in the film, as dayglow green isn't a good look on Batman, and a giant bear trap is not the most ninja-like (or humane) way to catch those cowardly criminals. Today, those are the types of figures we'll be looking at!

Mattel's Batman vs Superman 6 inch basic action figure line is sure to be packed with an endless sea of Bats and Supes in every color of the rainbow by the time the film is knocked back to 10 bucks on DVD at Walmart, but for now, the color choices and accessories aren't half bad! Take a look at...

Epic Battle Superman (In the Kryptonian looking armor with a massice battle axe. Very METAL)

Heat Vision Superman (With a pretty awesome black costume that gives him an evil vibe. Collectors of 6 inch figures will probably grab this just for the eye blasts!)

Heat Shield Batman (In a sort of Marvel House of M SHIELD outfit and a shield..of block those pesky face melting blasts)

We don't have a name on this last batman but in the spirit of the 90's, i'm calling him Laser Blades Batman!

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  1. Why is every good thing Mattel makes in a bad scale or have a toddler body?