Friday, January 15, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Hero Mashers & Avengers Figures

Toy Fair 2016 coverage marches on with a look at some new releases from 2 lines that are said to be mostly geared toward kids...but occasionally ropes in a larger than normal child (i'm looking at you..and me, tbh.) Really all Hasbro needs to do is keep feeding my translucent figure addiction and i'll be down for a Marvel Masher or 3 yearly! As you see below, they've done just that. Sneaksy hobitses. Before we dive into Mashers, let's take a look at Hasbro's Avengers figures...

With Disney XD's Avengers Assemble cartoon heading into a third season with most of the angry folks who latched onto the former Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes quieted by an impressive array of characters, excellent animation and story lines ripped right from the comics, it seemed about time Hasbro took another stab at creating figures that reflected this outpouring of love for our cartoon heroes. not that time. The Ultimate Spider-Man vs Sinister Six line had us excited at the prospect of Hasbro finally pulling the trigger at full lines without endless repaints of the key hero, but instead, well rounded waves of heroes and villains that would get the attention of die hard Marvel fans of all ages. One look at this first wave of toys will tell you they seem to be on board with making those Titan figures look a little better, but no so into the thought of providing someone for them to fight. ~frustrated grunt~

Here's the 3.75 inch figures

And the Titans

The last picture could be from an older canceled lineup, unfortunately. We haven't been able to confirm if it's from the new waves, but it would sure be nice to see a Black Widow on the shelves!

Heading over to the Marvel Super Hero Mashers aisle, we find a nice selection of new characters including Ben Reily style Spider-Man, Thanos, Vision and Wolverine (because we needed more Spidey and Wolverine, of course), as well as deluxe packs with Winter Soldier, Hulk and the Hulkbuster Iron Man Armor. I still don't get why they put half an arm and a head of a new character in with some of these guys. For me, it's just frustrating as I wonder if they will produce a WHOLE figure of the character the parts belong to within the next 2 years. Wouldn't the line be way more fun if the extra parts were goofy and fun? Didn't they get a lot of attention from throwing in accessories like a half eaten pizza and burger? I parts..weapons..robot parts...All of that would be something to cheer about. Give me another Hulk and tease me with the head and arm of Abomination (who I'd buy in 3 seconds) and i'm not sure what game you are playing. 

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