Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Half Moon Bay on DC Comics, Disney, Doctor Who & More

As London Toy Fair kicks off, we get our first report from Matt of Jedinews, who dropped in on Half Moon Bay to shoot a billion pictures of all their Star Wars merchandise (naturally) and stuck around to snap some shots of the rest of their geeky items for us! Such a nice boy. This years products include character aprons, posh gig bags, clever mugs, TARDIS tins that are bigger on the inside, Chewbacca tins for all your Wooie Cookies and a host of other killer merch featuring the worlds of Disney, Harry Potter, the Muppets, DC Comics, Doctor Who and ...of course... Star Wars! Let's check out what was on display...

Let's start with Doctor Who! Pretty standard stuff here...

Next up we've got DC Comics. Always fun to see what style guide art Half Moon Bay is using each year. A style guide is a book issued from a licensor that dictates the art that can go on products the company has bought a license to make. Last year, I believe the art was more classic than anything else. This year there is some killer 80's Batman comic art in play.

Next up...Harry Potter!! Again fairly standard products, but I noticed a couple of items using the Marauder's Map and I suspect the mug might be heat activated...which could potentially cause many squee's across the Potter loving community.

Disney gets a lot of love with items from Dumbo, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, Toy Story, Snow White and Frozen.

Muppets fans have some really fun new items to look forward to (BEAKER PLANTER!!!)...

And last we've got Star Wars! We've saved this for last as it allows us to toss the ball over to Matt at Jedinews who will show you all the stuff he spotted from galaxies far, far away!

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures and info, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation!

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