Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jackson the Cat Reviews Playmobil Dragons

Over my 20 something years of writing for websites and trying my best to recruit top talent to report and take pictures for us, it's always been a challenge keeping people on board. It seems like everyone wants to come to the party, but no one wants to help set up before, and everyone peaces out before it's time to clean up...but everyone wants a gift bag!! In dealing with this challenge, we often have to think outside the box, recruiting talent from all walks of life who at least have our geek loves in common. Last year...we hired a cat.

I know nothing about cats, being allergic to them myself, so I'll just say Jackson is an average sized orange kittie who is deadly serious about his toys, be they the typical fare for kids or the "collectibles" marketed for adults. Jackson can speak on points of articulation and how stinky a toy is straight from the package, so he was the right man for the job from day one.

While he's only got a couple of video reviews under his belt, I hope you'll encourage him to crank more out in the comments! Here's Jackson's latest review of a Playmobil Dreamworks Dragons set. Enjoy!

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