Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: Stranger Things Still Afoot for McFarlane

Toy Fair 2018 McFarlane Stranger Things Action Figures
When Stranger Things took off on Netflix, the geek world sat in awe and then cried out...WHERE'S THE TOYS??!! Funko shouted back "hold my beer" and shifted into overdrive, cranking out pops, reaction figures and other assorted adorable items to feed that need. Next up came McFarlane Toys with 7 inch action figures, bringing Eleven and Chief Hopper to pegs with a signature eye for artistry that would impress most any toy enthusiast. As those meager 2 figures are selling like mad and the public eagerly awaits the follow ups in Dustin, Lucas and a monstrous 10 inch Demogorgon (all already revealed), we're  left to wonder where McFarlane will take this line next. Let's take a look...

Stranger Things 7 inch Action Figures Series 3 includes Punk Eleven, Mike and Will
Series 4 includes Max and Steve (complete with his favorite bat!)

A boxed set is on the way with Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas dressed in their Ghostbusters Halloween Outfits from Season 2

Toy Fair 2018 McFarlane Stranger Things Action Figures

Finally, keep an eye out for a boxed set of Dustin with his creepy little baby Demogorgon, Dart, also from Season 2!

Toy Fair 2018 McFarlane Stranger Things Action Figures

Pics by Mat Hawkins @ Of Course Collectables and Geeks of Watford
More to Come!!

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