Friday, December 17, 2010

Conan VS DC Comics + Robot Chicken Star Wars = Happy Time

No, not really, but it was a compelling title. ARE YOU NOT COMPELLED??!! Recently, our pal Conan visited the Warner Brothers animation wing and after sexually harassing the people who work there for hours, sat down with Peter Girardi, creative director of WB animation to discuss the complexities of bringing your favorite heroes to life. Of course, this is Conan, so there will be moments where things go horribly wrong (or Awesome, depending on your level of perversity.) Watch the magic happen as the perfect intro to your weekend of black outs and unexplained scratch marks.

And just to round things out, Seth Green stopped by Conan to deliver a special holiday rape to Conan's action figure. How do YOU celebrate? Don't judge. Seth also brought a clip from the new Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 3 special which has my favorite scene of the whoooooole show!! Watch NOW!

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